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I am trying to track my package from you site. However, It does not work.
When you try to track packages on our web site, make sure you enter only the order number but nothing else such as letters.
After placing order my e-mail address has changed.
No problem! You can change you email address in Account Section. Please Login with your Old Email ID & change it.
Could you send me the tracking number for this order? Order #XXXXXX
You can track your package on the Account Page of our web site, www.axissoftmedia.com/account/ by the click on Order Status link.
Invalid tracking number
I still did not receive my shipping confirmation e-mail. I tried and entered "XXXXXX" in the tracking utility at your website but result reports that "XXXXXX" is in invalid tracking number, which probably means that you did not ship my products, yet.

It takes several hours for server to send the shipping confirmation e-mail. It usually happens during evening hours. Please give it a bit more time for that to happen.

In addition, your e-mail address has to be entered manually into the Shipping computer in order for shipping to send you the shipping confirmation. Our warehouse might occasionally but rarely miss that. If that happens you should still be able to track your package on our web site the day after.
Submit order button twice
I'm e-mailing because I just placed an order on your web site and I received two e-mail confirmations with the time one second apart. I'm pretty positive I accidentally clicked the Submit Order button twice really fast, my finger was just a bit trigger happy I guess. If you could just delete once of the orders I'd appreciate it, if there's any problems please e-mail me back.

The only possible way for people to place two identical orders by accident is by clicking the BACK button on your browser instead of the CONTINUE button on the order confirmation page and then accidentally clicking the place the Order button again.

We would be glad to cancel one of the orders. The first order should go out today.
Contacting us

Questions regarding this Privacy Statement or the information practices of the Company’s Web sites and Services should be directed to Axis SoftMedia Inc. Privacy by mailing us at:

Axis SoftMedia Inc. Privacy
103-T, Vaishali “B” Wing, Seth Motishah Road, Mazgaon, Mumbai 400010, Maharashtra, India.